I’m Bahati

chimp bahati at ngamba

Meet Chimp Bahati

Bahati is an adult female who is estimated to be born in 1990, she was confiscated from Kibaale western Uganda and arrived at Ngamba in October 1998.She is slightly dark faced chimpanzee and her name means “Luck” in Swahili.

She is an adult female who is rarely caught in conflicts and therefore rarely seen with injuries or cuts. Over the past few months, Bahati was not observed with serious illness but at the start of October she experienced a cold and cough which was short leaved. Her rank has improved and she does not fear high ranking females unnecessarily especially when disturbed during the feeding.

When Bahati is sick, she distastes medications and when administered through food or porridge; she smells the medication and rejects the food. She loves to spend time with young chimps in the dusk enclosure and becomes uncomfortable when she spends a day in the forest without the young chimps. Bahati is afraid of water and when other chimps wade in the lake, she prefers to stay behind and watch.

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