Hi, my name is Eddy

chimp eddy

Eddy is an adult male who is estimated to be born in 1989, was confiscated from Akefs Egyptian Circus, Kampala. He arrived at Ngamba in October 1998 and later in 2004 took over as an alpha male by overthrowing Robbie. Later Mika overthrow him.

Eddie has a healthy shiny black coat of hair. His face is brown with man wrinkles and dark spots. Although in good physical condition, he was depressed on arrival at UWEC. It took long to integrate him into the group.

He often displays with objects like Jerry cans and seems to enjoy throwing stones to people. Eddie likes asking for food by standing up and raising both his hands. He often stays behind after feeding and cries for more. In 2004, Eddie over throw the alpha male- Robbie and became the highest ranking male with the help of Mika.  Within a few weeks Mika over threw him. Eddie now holds the 3rd position in rank.



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