Flooding at Ngamba Island has reduced

flooding at N

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is beginning to see some light as the water levels on Lake Victoria start to recede.

The reduction in flooding at Ngamba island led to damage of some facilities, including the chimp electric fence and the visitor and staff housing.

The pier was also submerged, making it difficult to deliver supplies to the sanctuary.

The once former green picnic was completely submerged and as the water levels reduce, the area is covered in sand.

Possibly a nice beachfront will be gained once the levels are back to normal. Something to look forward to! Even the chimps, like, Sophie and Connie, am sure would love a bit of play in the sand. We look forward with optimism.

As for the other wildlife, the lake is leaving behind exposed rocks for the spotted necked otters and Nile monitor lizards to sun Bath.

In preparation for the next rainy season, the sanctuary plans to build gabions along the northern shores (guest and staff camp area) and this will help minimize further damage.

Soon, very soon, we shall be able to welcome you back to the chimp island. Pant hoots!

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