Procurement No: Chimpanzee Trust/ADM/WRKS/2020/0002 Procurement Description: CONSTRUCTION WORKS FOR PLOT 17A KAMPALA ROAD ENTEBBE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, WAKISO DISTRICT. Chimpanzee Trust (The Trust) has allocated funds to be used for the procurement of Works in respect of construction of a storied commercial building at plot 17A Kampala road Entebbe Municipal Council. The construction shall be done […]

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  • world chimpanzee day 2020


    The Chimpanzee Trust will be joining the International Community to celebrate the 3rd World Chimpanzee day 2020 (14th July) in honor of mankind’s closest living relative, the Chimpanzee. World Chimpanzee Day 2020 is a celebration of chimpanzee and an opportunity to raise awareness about the needs of the worldwide participant in their care, protection, and […]

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  • Solving Human Wildlife Conflict in the Albertine Rift

    Project Rationale The huge numbers of wild animal populations in the Albertine rift pose a threat while inflicting cost to communities. These communities affected leave at the front line of forest reserves both protected and unprotected wildlife habitats. The human wildlife concerns include crop raiding and human life or injury when they encroach on the […]

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  • Chimpanzee Trust Wishes you a Happy World Environmental Day

    “It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live“ – Dalai Lama The Chimpanzee Trust joins the global community to celebrate the #environment, that we depend on for our survival. With World Environment Day 2020 theme, ‘Time for Nature’, focusing on the environment providing the […]

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  • Ngamba chimps new leader

    Ngamba Island Chimps get new leader

    In awake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ngamba island chimps get new leader, Chimp Kisembo. This chimpanzee has been eyeing the Alpha Male position since 2010 during Chimp Mika’s reign. Chimpanzee leadership varies from one individual to another and to become a leader is not about being stronger or weaker neither young nor old but the […]

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  • Human wildlife Conflict Effects of Crop Raiding Reduced Through Planting Non-palatable Crops

    Chimpanzee Trust has mitigated Human Wildlife Conflict effects of crop raiding through encouraging Farmers to plant non- palatable crops. This has been possible through our project entitled “Community adaptability to loss occasioned by wildlife in Uganda”. The project is addressing Human wild life conflicts in the Bugoma Forest Landscape. The project is supporting farmers through […]

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  • restoring forests in albertine rift


    Restoring forest cover in the Albertine rift is one of the steps being taken towards the conservation of chimpanzee in Uganda. The Albertine rift valley is the corridor where you find habitats for chimpanzee in Uganda. There has been high rate of forest loss due to conversion to farmland for subsistence and commercial agriculture. This […]

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  • Tumbo grey haired chimpanzee

    Meet Tumbo the grey haired Chimpanzee

    For the countless who have visited Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, you may recall Tumbo the grey haired chimpanzee. This was either during the memorable chimpanzee feeding times or in the chimpanzee sleeping area at Ngamba Island. Among humans, grey hair comes with age and presumed wisdom and respect, especially here in Uganda. We consider grey-haired […]

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  • Tree planting on Earth Day

    Chimpanzee Trust Joins the rest of the world to celebrate Earth Day

    The team at the Chimpanzee Trust has joined the global community to celebrate Earth Day 2020, raising awareness concerning Climate Action, the theme for this year. Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered unprecedented changes in the human lifestyle, it has helped us realize and better understand the impact of man’s activities. Many countries are in […]

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  • alternative crops used to stop human wildlife conflict

    Alternative food crops used to mitigate/stop human wildlife conflicts

    Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) is one of the biggest problems faced by farmers living in proximity to the chimpanzee habitat. The Chimpanzee Trust is implementing a project to mitigate the effects of this conflict, brought on by man’s destruction of wildlife habitat. This is in the areas around Bugoma Central Forest Reserve in Western Uganda. Bugoma […]

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