• My Name is Pasa

      When you enter the pant hooting Kingdom of Ngamba Island, it’s so hard to leave without a friend. That’s what happened to me. My name is Yoyo and lucky for me I stay at Ngamba Island. I’ve lived here for 16 years now and I have made a lot of friends but the one […]

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  • Chimp Mawa

    Mawa the smartest chimpanzee at Ngamba Island

    When being guided around Ngamba Island, quite often the last story you are told is about the two Juvenile chimpanzees of Ngamba Island. I am one of them and I have been in the holding facility for about 9 years now. Reason being, me and Asega like jumping up the 5 meter high electric fence […]

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  • Ngamba Islands Kungfu Chimpanzee

    Ngamba Islands Kungfu Chimpanzee If you were born in the 80’s, you must have encountered my movie moniker, Sylvester Stallone in Rambo, a movie dedicated to exhibit my fighting prowess through my 98.7% brother. Great job done there brother, hopefully one day you will come to Ngamba Island and see your mentor. Okay!! …I just […]

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  • The Bullied Chimpanzees

    My Name is Cindy Being bullied is very bad even when you are a chimpanzee. My name is Cindy and I am a Chimpanzee that was once bullied. In the beginning it was very terrifying, facing the bully a lone was frightening, it was crippling just to walk out of the holding facility to the […]

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  • A Bullied Chimpanzee!

    My Name is Baluku The life of a Chimpanzee is quite interesting, in that we make it easy to be captured and turned into pets. That was my demise too, I’m not any different from any of my brothers and sisters here at Ngamba Island, the only difference is, it was harder integrating me in […]

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  • It’s dangerous being a Chimpanzee

    My name is Chimp Peace and I’m 30 years old this year. But for 12 years of my life I lived under captivity and at exactly 12 years old, I was taken to Court and stood before the Judge to defend my rights as a Chimpanzee. That sounds like a great feat, right?! But to […]

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  • Hajati Medina

    Being a Muslim is not easy, the continuous wash ups and fasts and prayers, it’s so hard for a girl to keep up but I try my best. My name is Hajati Medina and I am the only Muslim Chimpanzee living at Ngamba Island. I came from South Sudan so you can clearly understand my […]

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  • chimp eddy

    Hi, my name is Eddy

    Eddy is an adult male who is estimated to be born in 1989, was confiscated from Akefs Egyptian Circus, Kampala. He arrived at Ngamba in October 1998 and later in 2004 took over as an alpha male by overthrowing Robbie. Later Mika overthrow him. Eddie has a healthy shiny black coat of hair. His face is […]

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  • chimp bahati at ngamba

    I’m Bahati

    Meet Chimp Bahati Bahati is an adult female who is estimated to be born in 1990, she was confiscated from Kibaale western Uganda and arrived at Ngamba in October 1998.She is slightly dark faced chimpanzee and her name means “Luck” in Swahili. She is an adult female who is rarely caught in conflicts and therefore […]

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  • chimp pasa

    Meet Chimp Pasa

    Hello, She is a female estimated to be born in November 1999 after being confiscated from Arua and arrived at Ngamba on 17th April 2000.Pasa was named after the ‘Pan African Sanctuary Alliance’ which was formed during a workshop held in Entebbe at the time of her confiscation. She was approximately 6 months old on […]

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