• introduction of baby chimpanzees to the adult community

    Introduction of Baby Chimpanzees to the adult Chimpanzee Community

    Captive born baby chimps born at the sanctuary in 2021, were initially separated, from their mothers, from the main group, to ensure their safety and survival. The integration or introduction of these two-captive born male chimpanzees commenced earlier this month. The babies, Bolly and Billi’s son; were separated to allow them to develop and grow […]

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  • chimp fights at Ngamba island

    Chimp fights at Ngamba | Asega Injured

    Fights among Chimps at Ngamba Island Asega injured in the middle of the night…. During the times when most females are in estrus, there are always fights within the group. It so happened that the night of 22nd November 2021, did not go well for Asega ( one of the adult males in the community […]

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  • Logical thinking of chimpanzees at Ngamba island

    Behaviour Research – Logical Thinking In Chimpanzees

    The sanctuary has been conducting behavioural research and logical thinking in chimpanzees at Ngamba Island , for more than 20 years! This month we partnered with two visiting researchers from the University of California, Berkeley. Prof. Jan Engelmann and Dr. Hanna Schleihauf and are comparative psychologists working to study chimpanzee behaviour and cognition. During their […]

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  • Conservation through Radio drama

    Conservation Education through Radio Drama

    Chimpanzee Trust through its Education program has adopted conservation education through radio drama. This has been done through the production of a radio drama as an efficient and effective means of increasing the awareness of the public. This has been done specifically for communities living close to wildlife. Over the last 3-4years, the Trust has […]

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    Despite the challenges faced in 2020, the annual chimpanzee health checks 2020 took place November (albeit a little late). All the chimpanzees received a clean bill of health and we are happy to note that we have not lost any chimpanzees and hope to maintain this to the end of the year. One of the […]

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  • Chimpanzee Trust Becomes a Recognized Partner of GlobalGiving

    In June, Chimpanzee Trust participated in a three weeks fundraiser organized by GlobalGiving where with your support we raised $29,858 from 123 donors. This was from our project fundraiser entitled “Support orphaned and wild Chimpanzees in Uganda.” At the end of the fundraiser, the Chimpanzee Trust project came second in raising the most money for […]

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  • Ngamba chimps new leader

    Ngamba Island Chimps get new leader

    In awake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ngamba island chimps get new leader, Chimp Kisembo. This chimpanzee has been eyeing the Alpha Male position since 2010 during Chimp Mika’s reign. Chimpanzee leadership varies from one individual to another and to become a leader is not about being stronger or weaker neither young nor old but the […]

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  • Tumbo grey haired chimpanzee

    Meet Tumbo the grey haired Chimpanzee

    For the countless who have visited Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, you may recall Tumbo the grey haired chimpanzee. This was either during the memorable chimpanzee feeding times or in the chimpanzee sleeping area at Ngamba Island. Among humans, grey hair comes with age and presumed wisdom and respect, especially here in Uganda. We consider grey-haired […]

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  • Support the Amazing Work of Ngamba Island

    What if we all gave for the sustainability of Ngamba Island Chimps? Yes we can! On October 15th, 2019, our animal advocates will come together for a 24 hours of unprecedented giving day to support the amazing work of Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary through Giving Day for Apes. This Ape-giving day we plan to raise […]

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    Chimp Natasha Gives birth at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary Ngamba Island gets a new born from   Chimp Natasha at 5:40pm. She’s an adult female chimpanzee at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary gave birth to a baby girl. This brings the total number of chimpanzees at the only chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda to 50 (20 males and […]

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