• chimp becky

    I’m Becky

    Hello, Becky is an adult female chimp who is estimated to be born in 1991 and Ugandan by origin. She was confiscated from Kampala and arrived at Ngamba in October 1998.She is average sized chimpanzee with droopy lower lips and bald forehead. Becky attracts attention by making a “haa haa” noise during feeding time. Becky […]

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  • Chimp Asega at Ngamba Island

    I’m Asega

    Meet Chimp Asega Asega is an adult male who came from Democratic Republic of Congo and estimated to be born in 1998.He was confiscated from Arua, Uganda and arrived at Ngamba December 1999. Chimp Asega is amongst the most intelligent in the juveniles, very acrobatic, best at high jumping and uses his brains rather than […]

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  • Chimp Billi at Ngamba Island sanctuary

    Meet Chimp Billi

    Hello, Billi is a female chimpanzee who came from DRC and is estimated to have been born early in 1998. She was confiscated from Arua and arrived at Ngamba on 18th February 2001. She is a tall average sized juvenile chimp with a bald patch and a well-defined ridge above her eye brows. She was […]

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  • Baby girl chimp at Ngamba

    Baby girl chimpanzee born at Ngamba Island

    On 17th February 2016, a baby girl chimpanzee was born at Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary by Kyewunyo(Surprise) one of the female chimpanzees’ at the island. The mother of the baby girl chimpanzee was also born at the island 1st July 2002. In this case we are allowed to say like mother like daughter because Surprise […]

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  • chimp Afrika

    Hi, My Name is: Afrika

     Early 2007  Sex: Female  Origin: Kashoya Kitomi National Forest, UGANDA  Arrived at Ngamba: 18th June 2008 Confiscated: Near Kashoya Kitomi National Forest Reserve by UWA rangers at Kyambura Wildlife Reserve (QENP) Before she was confiscated, Afrika had been confined in an improvised wooden cage with no provision for stretching, except when she extended her arm to get food. Surviving only […]

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  • Have a Close-up Chimpanzee Encounter and Make a Difference in the Lives of Chimpanzees

    Experience a rare incredible opportunity to view and interact with chimpanzees in a near-wild setting while helping to conserve their precious habitat and contribute to the conservation of their species. The all fees go directly towards helping cover the recurring cost of the sanctuary and ensuring the well-being of our chimpanzees. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary […]

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  • Ngamba Island benefit concert

    Only two days to go, the date is July 30th; Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary Benefit Concert at the Fenix – music supper club in San Rafael CA, hosted by Chris Austria.

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  • Afrika’s baby boy a bouncing joy

    Since his birth, Afrika’s baby boy has been a centre of our attention at the sanctuary. ‘He was very fragile from the circumstances of his birth, so we had to keep a close eye on him and nurse him to health,’ Innocent Ampeire the Manager in charge of Animal Welfare says.

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  • Who is Afrika?

    On 27th March Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary woke up to a pleasant surprise; our own Afrika had had a baby boy the previous night. Here is some information you did not know about this juvenile chimpanzee.

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  • Wild chimpanzees lost in Hoima District, Western Uganda

    A group of hunters in Kitoba Sub County killed a chimpanzee in Mid-March. The hunters cut the animal into pieces, roasted and allegedly fed it to their dogs. Chimpanzee Trust team reached the scene and found remains of the chimpanzee.

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